"I want our school to be on Facebook to engage with parents because I know that's where they are!"

Blippit® Social

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savE SO MUCH TIME & GET PEACE OF MIND THROUGH our experience & years of learning 

Start up and support

Blippit® Social Media Start Up
Professional design & branding with turn-key set-up on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & other platforms where needed.

Full account setup service includes the best security set up for your core team.

Face-to-face specialist education training for your core school team means they're confident, ready & able to speak with one school voice on all platforms.

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Blippit® Social Parent Surveys
Save time, budget, resources & energy through our fully managed social school surveys.

Delivered directly through your school's Facebook Page and other platforms on any topic you need, you commission a survey then we build & deliver it.

You get the results & participant statistics collated in a ready-to-share with SLT or Board-friendly PDF format.


Blippit® Social Live Monitoring 
Year round human Blippit Social Administrators deliver our pro-active School Monitoring and support across the Trust.

This means that you're never on your own & always have backup eyes and ears on parental engagement activity.  It's peace of mind plain and simple.

Also see: Ofsted inspected schools' views


Blippit® Social Group Engagement
As your school develops there are some very effective ways of getting more teachers involved for deeper engagement with parents in the medium to long term.

As part of our social strategy (Blippit Social & School) we'll work with you to use Groups in new and exciting ways supported by our training as standard.

What do schools & Ofsted say about it?
“Leaders make good and safe use of social media to share information with parents about the experiences and learning pupils undertake”
Beamont primary, Ofsted Report. June 2016
“It blew her [Ofsted] socks off!”
Ms Jenny Haunch, head teacher, Washacre primary, 2015

Ofsted feedback on Facebook in support of SSMC and safeguarding


blippit Social

videos & Headteacher interview
Some Head Teachers find these videos useful to watch as they give a unique insight into social media use in schools. This Guardian article we wrote has some tips & ideas for any school considering the best ways to use social media.

A complete school social media parental engagement service

This BBC Breakfast interview featured Blippit Director John Bidder being interviewed about a story involving a primary school, social media and parental communication.  We have been working directly with what we call 'Social Schools' for 8 years now and in that time have gained invaluable experience that we pass on to every school that joins us along the way.

We provide peace of mind, monitoring, training, year-round Support, inspiration & good practice, a monthly report on your school engagement & a fully managed social survey service delivered through your Facebook page and/or website as part of the work we do.

You’re never alone with Blippit Social.  We support your school proactively, in the background and on demand when you’re busy doing the day job.


Head Teachers say that reaching parents and engaging with them is a real challenge and top priority.   It’s our experience that schools have to be where the parents are in order to reach them.  Blippit Social Reports are sent to you each month covering all social school activity every month in an easy to follow data-rich graphical report.  It’s the smart way to optimise your social efforts as a school.

 "Our [Ofsted] report actually refers directly to parent's use of the school's Facebook (although they say internet) page to keep up to date with immediate news about their children's learning. The team saw the page in action during the inspection and were very impressed with it's use and impact, so thanks for contributing to our positive outcome!" Head Teacher, Nicky Patrick, formerly Burnham-on-Crouch Primary School, Essex. 2014.

Blippit Social set up, secure, monitor, train, support and reports on your school.

You’re never alone with Blippit® Social.  We support your school proactively, in the background and on demand when you’re busy doing the day job.  Because our roots are in school we know exactly how busy you and your team are.


School in the fast lane

Podcast Series & eBook
We like to share what we learn with you. PodCasts demand less of your attention while you get on with essentials such as walking the dog, knitting a hat or driving to the shops. Subscribe free to our new School in the Fast Lane podcast series via Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts & more.

If you prefer video, watch our most commonly asked questions by heads free in 3 possible formats. Get our Interactive iBook for iOS Apple devices or head straight to YouTube.

Blippit Sites

Blippit SITES

A Blippit web site works with Blippit Social to seamlessly communicate the whole school picture.

Aligned with UK Government school information requirements & fully accessible to parents on any device.

As standard we offer a Content Migration Package to save you the hassle and pain of switching sites.  It's a good opportunity for a clear out!

PLUS your site will be fully secured, backed up daily & hosted in the UK for extra speed.

“Blippit Social have been a pleasure to work with. They have helped our school leadership team go from sitting on the fence to fully embracing the power of social media in this modern age.”
Mr Glyn ellis, head teacher, haslingden primary, 2015
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